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                                  Lynn Wulcko Counselling Heathbury, Baker's Lane, Chilcompton, BA3 4EW07531 555 878 or email 

Relationship or couples counselling


All through life, our relationships with our loved ones can be pulled and tested to their limits in a variety of ways and at difference stages.


For some couples it is relatively easy to adapt to step children or to a new baby but for other couples it can introduce a huge strain in the relationship which hadn’t been expected and, without the felt support of our partners it can be a distressing time.  Sometimes the frustrations seem impossible to overcome but you still want the relationship to succeed.  Relationship counselling aims to  support both partners through to find some resolution to their issues and give them time to reflect on their future together.  For some couples it can be a space to look at ending the relationship.


During the duration of couples counselling work, I will make a safe place for you both to look at difficult areas of your relationship that maybe you feel always lead to the same old argument without any resolution.  I can help stop those rows escallating and give you both time to reflect on what you really want the other person to hear.  Sometimes those conversations may be uncomfortable and I will be able to support either one of you in a balanced way.  I do not take sides but am simply there to help both individuals explore their feelings about their difficulties and how that impacts their relationship.


Some relationships feel ‘stuck’ and I can help identify what is stuck and work with you both to shift something, however small, to see if that releases those feelings.






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