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                                  Lynn Wulcko Counselling Heathbury, Baker's Lane, Chilcompton, BA3 4EW07531 555 878 or email 

It is not advice giving.


Counselling is a confidential relationship between you and me in which you can talk about whatever is making you unhappy.  You will be listened to without being judged or told what to do.


I am happy to work longer term or short term.  You might wonder if there is really a difference between the two - except the length of time we meet.  Longer term therapy involves going deeper to uncover what is going on beneath the surface, being really seen, being honest with yourself and integrating those difficult feelings into your every day day. Some of those difficult feelings may will have been driving you to repeat bad choices or distract you from your real goals but you may possibly unaware of them during your every day life.  Long term therapy takes a real commitment to counselling by entering into a relationship without a known destination or possibly knowing the end date, but being willing to undertake the journey.  As with most things in life, the more you put in, the more you may get out.


Short term therapy involves indentifying the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the problem, visualising what life would look like if you could solve it and identifying the feelings that are preventing you from acting that way.  Short term therapy can only look at a small aspect of your life but the experience can give you resources to utilise in other aspects of your life.  Short term therapy can also be called Solution Focused Therapy and usually has a set amount of weeks agreed during the first session.  Most people have around 6 sessions. We can work to that timescale and we can review at week 5 to see if you are happy to end then. 


I also offer Single Session Therapy.  To find out more about this, please read my page which explains more about it.


Any counselling needs a commitment to attend weekly meetings, the willingness to stick with it even when difficult feelings arise and to share those with me and finally, the commitment to see it through without ‘jumping ship’ at the final stages.


Sometimes, words won't be enough and I sometimes use some form of art work, maybe a visualisation, written work and other techniques which I am happy to disucss with you.  As with anything, if it doesn't feel right, we won't do it.




If you would like to make an appointment, please ring me on 07531 555 878.



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I am a fully insured and Registered Member of BACP