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                                  Lynn Wulcko Counselling Heathbury, Baker's Lane, Chilcompton, BA3 4EW07531 555 878 or email 

What is Single Session Therapy?                                              

Single Session Therapy is sort of what it sounds like!


Single Session Therapy is sometimes called One at a Time Counselling.  A single-session consultation is an evidence-formed, client focused counselling session.  The focus of the session will be on your greatest worry, difficulty or challenge and what you would like to achieve from our meeting.  My aim will be for you to leave the session with some ideas and strategies for you to test out. Together we can formulate a way forward.


A single session consultation consultation involves a longer than usual counselling session and a follow-up phone call to discuss the next steps.  


Why should I chose a single session consultation?


People chose single session consultations for lots of different reasons. These sessions are designed to help you make sure you are getting the most of your first, and sometimes only, session.


These sessions are collaborative and responsive; they focus on your key concerns and goals and we work together to find some strategies for change.


In a single session consultation I can offer a contained and immediate response to your most pression concern.



What does a single session consultation involve?


Before you attend a session you will be emailed a questionnaire to complete and return.  This will help me find out about your concerns and goals for the session.  

After the session, we will arrange a follow-up phone call to see how you are going and discuss options for further support.  






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