During counselling, I hope to explore with you your unique situation and help you discover how you would like to tackle your difficulties.  This can take a few weeks or much longer.  I work closely with you to ensure that your time is focused usefully on the dominant issues that you feel will benefit your life the most.  During this period of Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, couples are finding that their relationships can be tested in many different ways.  Normal life hasn't been a problem but now, the relationship has thrown up a few problems which you would like to talk about.  I can offer a standalone one off sessiion to help you work through those difficulties and work out some coping strategies and techniques for the short term.


I aim to help you develop your own skills to enable you to cope with the difficulties you are currently facing and to build up your inner skills to be able to look at any future demands and find your own methods of managing.  I am happy to work with male, female or non binary clients and I offer couple therapy.


I have experience of working with a range of clients who experience abuse, addiction, affairs, anxiety, social anxiety, generalised anxiety, assertiveness issues, bereavement and loss, bullying, childhood issues, compusive behaviour, couple counselling, couple relationship difficulties, depression, divorce, domestic violence, drug abuse, family problems, general fear and phobias, gambling, gay and lesbian issues (LBGT), transgender and transitioning, transsexualism, non-binary gender identification, Pink Therapy, gender identity disorder, general dysmorphia, fetishishtic transvestism, grief, isolation, anger, incest, low self confidence, midlife crisis, miscarriage, negative thoughts, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), bullying, panic attacks, paranoia, personal growth, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), rape, abortion, fertility difficulties, redundancy, sexual identify, transgender experiences, cross dressing, how to carry on after an affair, debt difficulties, low self esteem, low moods, unable to make decisions, loneliness, relationship problems, repeating negative patterns, self development, self harm, separation, sexual abuse, shame, stress, suicidal thoughts, terminal illness, ME, fibromyalgia, Dissociative disorders, IVF, fertilty treatment, Chronic pain, trauma and more.


I have particular experience of working with young adults, teenagers, adolescents.  I also have specfic experience of working with clients with fibromyalgia, MS, trauma, sexual abuse and gender issues.

Undertaking counselling is a big step so if you would like to meet me before you decide if you would like to underake any work, please give me a ring on 07531 555 878 for an informal chat.



Lynn Wulcko

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I am a fully insured and Registered Member of BACP